Mobilization IX - Creating Robust Android UI Tests Workshop

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Late Bird Workshop
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Event description
Creating robust Android UI tests
Mobile apps are growing. They become more complex and require more testing. It means that it is time to integrate automated tests to your project inefficient way because they should be fast and stable.

During this workshop, we will write a lot of test cases efficiently. We start with a fast introduction to Espresso and UiAutomator frameworks. Afterwards, we are moving to write different types of UI tests and finally, we create a DSL which helps us to write stable test cases with minimum noise.

9:00-12:30 workshop part I
12:30-13:30 lunch break
13:30-17:00 workshop part II
During the workshop refreshments will be served.

This is originally three day workshop but Alex was kind enough to squeeze it to one day exclusively for Mobilization fans.
This is BYOL formula (Bring your own laptop).
You will need Android Studio 3.5 installed.

Workshop will be conducted by Alex Zhukovich
Alex Zhukovich has been developing Android since 2011. Currently, he is working in He is a public speaker in Europe and software enthusiast with a passion for technologies, which share thoughts & experiences on the private technical blog at  and YouTube channel.
Date & Location
2019-10-25 09:00
2019-10-25 17:00

Hotel Tobaco
Kopernika 64
90-553 Łódź

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